Thursday 2 August 2007

Back From Lesotho

Right well I have returned from Lesotho. Pretty cool final week, there was a piss up in the Irish embassy (no ferrero roche = sad face), an escaped convict (murdered his wife, went for a slash and legged it, whereabouts unknown) and Joe motoring along in Ratabile's taxi (up to fifth gear, drove us most of the way and no discount on our fare!!).
The whole entire experience was absolutely amazing and I really wanna say thank you to anyone who is reading this who was part of that experience. I also want to encourage anyone reading this to support Camara with donations or even better with their time and effort. Although Ireland is an incredible charitable country with their money they are still very stingy with their time and a few hours here or there really makes a difference and I can definitely attest to the fact that you will meet some of the soundest people out there.
Once I get my mitts on all the photos from the trip I'll hopefully lash up a flickr page with the photos to bore/astound you all.

Oh and I'm now officially an over qualified barman so any jobs or spare cash gimme a buzz. In the meantime just call me for a boozing partner, nothing better to do!!


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