Friday 24 August 2007

Antony Gormley Comes To The Dublin Docklands

This is the new Antony Gormley designed structure going up in the Dublin Docklands. You probably know Gormley from his iconic (but much hated at it's inception) Angel of the North in Gateshead in England. He also recently dotted 31 life size human figures around the South Bank in London. While I loved the Angel of the North this project really caught my eye as it really grabbed people's attention and the sight of human figures peering down from major buildings in London not only seemed to interest the public but also drew their eyes to some amazing architecture. As with the majority of his work the figure is based on moulds of his own body and will be composed of a mesh which according to Gormley will be “like a charcoal drawing against the sky, changing as your position changes in relation to it. Up close you will see through it, in the distance it will cohere into a bodily image.” Standing at 48 meters high it will be hard to ignore but will also be a welcome and iconic addition to the already thriving Docklands area. Construction hopefully starts in 2008 at a cost of 1.6 million Euro, makes the 4 mill spent on the Stiffy in the Liffey look ridiculous.

Sigur Rós - The Movie

Amazingly the worlds greatest dream-pop band ever (firstly dream-pop is their words and secondly The Clash are the greatest band in the world) Sigur Rós are releasing a movie called "Heima". The DVD follows them on last year's tour of Iceland. They always had that kinda epic movie quality to their music and one look at he trailer below shows that the scenes of their beautiful homeland Iceland perfectly compliment the music. The movie will be released along with an album with some new unreleased tracks. What's Vonlenska for moist with anticipation?

Interesting fact, according to wikipedia lead singer Jónsi is gay and blind in one eye... strange...
Oh and is it just me or does it sound like Jonsi is singing "urinal" a lot in the trailer?

Monday 20 August 2007

New Spoon Video

Here's the new Spoon vid for their song "Don't You Evah". It has the coolest little dancing robot thingy in it called a keepon. Apparently these keepon things aren't for sale yet but as soon as they are there's one going on the Santa list! Damn Japanese have all the cool things!

Saturday 11 August 2007

Funniest dancing vid EVER

This is the funniest thing I have seen in ages, the lad worked in the Sony Center in the Blanch and does this dancing routine in the middle of work, the second guy who walks in is his boss! Doesn't even flinch!

Congratulations Sir, you are a leg end and have made my heroes list!!

Thursday 2 August 2007

Back From Lesotho

Right well I have returned from Lesotho. Pretty cool final week, there was a piss up in the Irish embassy (no ferrero roche = sad face), an escaped convict (murdered his wife, went for a slash and legged it, whereabouts unknown) and Joe motoring along in Ratabile's taxi (up to fifth gear, drove us most of the way and no discount on our fare!!).
The whole entire experience was absolutely amazing and I really wanna say thank you to anyone who is reading this who was part of that experience. I also want to encourage anyone reading this to support Camara with donations or even better with their time and effort. Although Ireland is an incredible charitable country with their money they are still very stingy with their time and a few hours here or there really makes a difference and I can definitely attest to the fact that you will meet some of the soundest people out there.
Once I get my mitts on all the photos from the trip I'll hopefully lash up a flickr page with the photos to bore/astound you all.

Oh and I'm now officially an over qualified barman so any jobs or spare cash gimme a buzz. In the meantime just call me for a boozing partner, nothing better to do!!