Friday 18 May 2007

Architecture In Helsinki

Here's the new video from Architecture In Helsinki. They are a group of Australian multi-instrumentalists and consistently put out some really fun videos. This one has a bit of a Jim Henson Muppet vibe and the last minute or so when the blacklights kick in it is brilliant!
They're playing Tripod next Friday and study permitting I should be heading along with the bro. Can't wait to see them live, "it'5" from their previous album "In Case We Die" is still one of my favourite happy songs and this is definitely on that list too now.

p.s. Once I figure out a viable way to put up mp3s on here I'll start adding them.

Wednesday 16 May 2007

Tuesday 15 May 2007

Computer Science 101

My five years of Computer Science in U.C.D. condensed into one and a half minutes thanks to Sesame Street.

Welcome To My New Blog

Hey there, I decided I might as well jump on this blogging bandwagon. I'm off to Lesotho for the summer with a charity called Camara so I figured a blog would be a nice way to keep everyone up to date about my adventures and experiences in Africa. Hopefully I'll actually keep this thing updated and not get bored after a week!