Thursday 28 June 2007

Off To Lesotho


Right well I'm gonna be heading off to Lesotho in less than 48 hours. The nerves have officially kicked in now. Looking forward to it though! Not too sure what the internet situation will be like over the there but hav a laptop with me so with any luck I'll be able to post the odd bit of news on here. Think I'll stick to the blogging as opposed to loads of e-mails that I know no one will read. Feel free to comment or e-mail me -

Tsamaeang Hantle!

New Interpol and Kanye

Downloaded the new Interpol album "Our Love To Admire" from the always excellent Ritmono. It's not much of a departure from the last two albums but when the last two albums were that good then who the hell wants anything different!? It also contains what I think is gonna be my favourite song title this summer - "No I In Threesome"! The link that they provide on Ritmono's website is dead by now I think but there are plenty of torrents of it popping up.

And heres the new video from Mr. West. Think this could be one of the fashest vids I've seen in ages and it also contains Daft Punk! All it needs is the bird off of Night Shift on Channel 6 and it could be the greatest thing ever. Not too sure if this is gonna be on the third of his college trilogy but it's pretty damn good. Enjoy!